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Guitar Greatness By Kevin Becka@mixonline[march2005]
Acoustic Guitar Pick-ups, Part 1 (by William Cumpiano - - 1998)
Acoustic Guitar Pick-ups, Part 2 (by William Cumpiano - - 1998)
Acoustic Guitar Recording Techniques (by Michael Cooper - - Jul 2000)
Alternate Tunings for Guitar (by Pat Kirtley - 1992)
Bob's Handy Hints: Live Sound Reinforcement (by Bob Brozman - -1999)
Squeezing Your Main Squeeze By Craig Anderton@EQ [June 2005]
Country Guitar: Getting "That" Sound (by John B. Black - Guitar Nine Records)
DADGAD (by Mark Hanson - Accent on Music)
Guitar Amps!tips@DIYguitarist
How to Mic a Guitar Amp (by the Recording Website staff - 2001)
Scale Patterns You Donít Hear Every Day By told to Jude Gold@guitarplayer [June 2005]
More on Fingernails and Fingerpicking (by Mark Hanson - Accent on Music - Jan 1999)
Pickup Combinations: Who Uses What and Where (by Greg Gualtieri - Pendulum Audio)
Recording Acoustic Guitar (by Paul White - SOS - Aug 2001)
Recording Tips for Acoustic Guitar (by Stephen Sherrard - - 2002)
Recording Electric Guitar (by Barry Cleveland - Mix - May 1999)
Recording Electric Guitar (by Myles Boisen - Electronic Musician - Oct 1999)
Recording the Acoustic Guitar (by Michael Laskow - Audio Recording Center - 2000)
Tone to Tape: Tips for Recording Electric Guitar (by John B. Black - Guitar Nine Records)
Tuning Your Guitar with Octaves (by Mark Hanson - Accent on Music)
Tour Profile:Joe Satriani By Strother Bullins@mixonline[Jan 2005]
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