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Note2 is a small community built by its users, for its users. Its main goal is to provide the end user with essential information on audio production and its subcategories.

You can help the site grow by submitting information about resources in the forum area. The content will be then viewed by our moderators and in most cases added in the main site. Also one can submit patches of synths or [small] samplepacks to submit[at] . com Although we check every resource we add to the site extensively, we cannot guarantee changes in its content, spam, popups, viruses etc.

In order to submit resources in the forum you need to register in our site. Your e-mail will be kept private/spam free and only be used periodically for important site news.

More on submission : Choose a category from our database ex Music Business, use that name as forum topic (or create a new category that is not part of the site) and add the url/s in your post including a short description.

Aztec and N2 crew.