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This tool may not be the "newest" vst plugin around but it sure is one of the most useful free plugins around. If you missed this one, give it a try, and "see" what's going on in your mix.
Download @ elementalaudio

  • Spectrum analyzer
    - Peak or Average
    - Fast or Slow
  • Customizable alarms for:
    - Headroom
    - Channel balance
    - Number of times audio waveform is clipped
    - Number of consecutive samples clipped
    - Total number of clipped samples
  • Peak meters
  • RMS meters
  • Channel balance meter
  • Customizable meter caution and warning zones
  • Headroom displays/readouts
  • Clip counters/readouts
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • Altivec/Velocity engine optimizations
  • Multi-processor/Advanced multi-processor (AMP) capable

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