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Link Auralisation of a Scale Model of the Royal Albert Hall by H.Lorenz.(PDF)

Link Auralization applying the parametric room acoustic modeling technique - The Diva Auralization system by Lauri Savioja, Tapio Lokki and Jyri Huopaniemi.(PDF)

Link Room acoustic simulation and auralization - How close can we get to the real room ? by Jens Holger RINDEL, Claus LYNGE CHRISTENSEN.(PDF)

Link Subjective evalutation of auralization of physics-based room - Acoustic modeling by Tapio Lokki and Hanna Jarvelainen.(PDF)

Link Physically-based Auralization by Tapio Lokki. (PDF)

Link Sound futures By Anne Eisenberg.

Link Design and implementation of an auralization system with a spectrum-based temporal processing optimization by Frank Filipanits.

Link Parametrization, auralization, and authoring of room acoustics for virtual reality applications by riitta vaananen. (PDF)

Link An exploration of virtual auditory shape perception by ari j. hollander.

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