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Waveknife Just dump whole audio tracks from your sampling CDs to your harddisk and let WaveKnife split them into the single samples. This may save you hours of dumb sample cutting and trimming.

Loop Horse is a media manager specifically designed for organising and bulk copying files. Files can be auditioned and then cued up for copying in one go. The files can be copied from multiple locations on your hard drive, external media or in zip/rar archives. Files can be cued up and copied from any destination as long as they are present on your system. (Files on removable media must be in the drive.) The tool is useful for music producers who use loops and samples in their compositions.

Echoview Pro is an integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers.

ScaleTool is a tool that visualizes scales and chords on fretboards (guitar, bass, banjo, ...) and keyboards (piano, ...).

Studio Calculators offers conversion of Delay Time for Millisecs, Delay Time for TC (30NDF 80BIT), Pitch for Recorder & FX, Autopan rate, calculation, Calculations of offset to sync, Metronome, CM-Time (30NDF 80BIT), PCM3348-Advance Out, Sampling memory capacity calculation, Sample numbers calculation, Transpose Table, PanRate Calculation for Note, Tempo Calculation for Pitch Change. Download there

Analogx site loads of utilities there.

BorgStation's Librarian Freeware midi librarian for Access Virus/Indigos,Dave Smith's Evolver,Novation Super/Novas,Roland JP80x0,Roland JV1010,Waldorf mWave II/XT.

ChangeIt! is a program to manage and edit the sounds of your synthesizer. It also includes a complete librarian as well as some tools that make the use of your synthesizer much easier.Supported:Roland JV/XP-family,Roland XV-family,Korg 01/W family,Midi Sample Dump Standard,Generic SysEx-Dumps.

SampleCatalog catalogs sampled sounds.You can customize the type of files you would like to catalog and you can arrange them in customized libraries in any way you like. You can assign different categories to your samples. Every catalog can have its own 512 custom categories. You can export your favorite categories into a template file in order to reuse them (save some typing). Once you've assigned categories to your samples, you can use the powerful boolean search to quickly find the one(s) you are looking for. You can also apply category filters to the displayed samples to quickly identify only the types you are looking for. This way you can quickly reduce the amount of time it takes to search through your vast amount of sample collection. Finally, you can drag-and-drop your samples to/from your favorite music production application or audio editing tool.

File invertory This simple application enables you to print out/save a list of the files from any drive, folder or Zip archive on your system. Although a similar function can be achieved from the DOS prompt, this software gives you control over the editing, formatting and appearance of the list.

WaveTools is a suite of real-time audio analysis tools for high quality measurements: Spectrum analyser and oscilloscope (with calibration in dB or Volts), Signal Generator (tones plus pink and white noise), Spectrogram, and Audio Meter / Vectorscope. A help file is included, but some knowledge of acoustics and signal analysis is assumed!

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